As managers grow old and work longer and longer, the Millenials (the generation born between 1980 and 2000) are joining the labor force at an accelerated rate. In the coexistence, the difficulties of communication have not been expected.

But thinking about overcoming these differences by sitting waiting for managers to retire would not be practical: the solution is to find productive ways to work and build bridges that overcome the abyss in communication. Organizations that do this will have great strategic advantages over others.

Academic qualitication inflation has been acknowledged by US universities. Although companies are likely to have an impact on the settlement of the problem, these companies have to clear the mess that qualifications inflation causes in the world of work. I can assure this by my own experience in college. I have classmates after five years of Computer Science they don’t know how to make a simple website, although CS isn’t focused on programming they should know at least the simple things. The point is that college doesn’t always teach students all they need to know, but students may think they know because they have good grades, they suffer academic qualification inflation and they are not all aware of this.